Structured Programming in C Language

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  1. What is Structured programming ?

Structured programming is a top-down approach , in which developers separates the overall program structure into different subsections .

2. What is C language ?

C is a programming language developed at AT & Ts Bell Laboratories of USA in USA. It was designed by Dennis Ritchie in 1970s.

3. Why c is called structured programming language ?

C is called structured programming language  because a program in  c language can be divided into small  logical functional modules or structures with the help of function procedure.

4. List some features of C

  • C is high level programming language, so easy to understand and write a program.
  • C is structured programming language
  • C has powerful set of operators
  • C contain very less number of keywords (only 32)
  • C has ability to extend itself by adding more function to its library.


5. List some data types of c 

C supports many data types . some of are listed below

  • char
  • int
  • long
  • float
  • double

6. List some operators in C language

  • Arithemetic operator
  • Logical operator
  • Unary operator
  • Assignment operator
  • Relational operator